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I’ve had several issues with my roofing over the years and always been given the upsell by companies I’ve called until I met Nicki and Tony. They gave me straight answers and options. What homeowner doesn’t love that? I can’t recommend them enough.

Spencer Wade Chicago, IL

We had water pooling issues on our 3-flat rooftop and called several roofers for an inspection. These guys provided an in-depth estimate free of charge and found the root cause of our issue. They performed the repair and we’re still without issues today.

1634 S. Fairfield Condo Association Chicago, IL


Is Your Estimate Really Free?

Yes. Our estimate process, which includes a thorough inspection of your roof, is meant to uncover anything wrong with the roof that you yourself called about. Obviously, there’s a problem, so we do our best to uncover the root cause.

Do you have a detailed contract?

Absolutely, we do. In fact, we provide as much depth in our contract as necessary to satisfy both the State of Illinois and our customers’ lawyers and accountants. Everything we do, the scope of the work, is outlined fully along with detailed timelines for start and finish of the project.

What about my insurance? Can you help?

We’ve been through roofing repairs, restorations, and installations far more times than you, and with almost every insurer under the sun, and will be happy to offer any help we can to get the insurance assistance you need for the roofing work. As long as you’re covered, we’ll help you connect the dots.

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